Electronic Project Advisor

Employer:       WFMS, Inc.
Job Title:         Electronic Project Advisor
Location:        Sugarland, TX

Assist in developing and growing electrical department and electrical projects, including estimating for electrical projects, drafting and designing electrical panels, troubleshooting electrical circuits, assembly of electronic components for testing purposes, researching and testing electrical components, providing steel work and mechanical specifications calculations, furnishing pressure vessel calculations, development of Excel programs for internal use, programming flow computers, , and supporting the pre-commissioning and commissioning of meter skid assemblies. Prepare cost estimates for product manufacturing, construction, and installation projects and services to assist with bidding. Consult with clients, vendors, personnel, construction managers, and to formulate estimates and resolve issues. Analyze databases to compare cost of similar projects. Analyze blueprints and other documentation to prepare time, cost, material, and labor estimates to account for variables impacting the overall cost of the project. Advise in the selection of vendors and subcontractors. Confer with engineers, architects, and contractors/subcontractors regarding change orders and adjustments of cost estimates. Evaluate methods to reduce costs as estimates are analyzed and adjusted. Over the course of the project, track actual costs relative to bids to assess the cost effectiveness of projects, products, and services. Review material and labor requirements to determine the cost-effectiveness of producing or purchasing components. Create CAD drawings for fabrication and installation submittals.

Minimum Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or a closely related field and three (3) years of experience as an electronic project engineer or advisor, performing Omni Flow computer programming and formula development; Excel programming; drafting 2D & 3D electrical drawings using AutoCAD; performing assembly and configuration of electronic components; electronics troubleshooting and testing; applying knowledge of technical calculations to perform bids; and performing electrical and mechanical calculations under industry standards.

Refer To:
To apply, please e-mail resume to ellis.welker@wfmsinc.com and reference job code: EPA-001 on resume.